The End of Fear – A Work of Abstract Art by Frank Gehry

The End of Fear

The End of Fear – A Work of Abstract Art by Frank Gehry

The End of Fear by Frank Gehry is a beautiful piece of art that takes the viewers into a journey of unanswered questions and deep introspection. History of this abstract canvas and its impact on humans. Gehry is a masterful abstract artist, whose name and reputation are synonymous with great paintings of beauty. In The End of Fear we see this artist at his most raw and untamed, giving us a glimpse into a person’s raw emotions and mind.

Art is subjective and The End of Fear is no exception. I for one loved this piece of art. As I was drifting in and out of my own daydreams while looking at the painting, I felt the same feelings that the viewer did. The layers of meaning that were gently revealed were similar to my own, and so too were the emotions that I experienced. The simplicity of the message was very appealing to me, and after staring at the painting for a while I ended up not wanting to look away from it.

In many ways this work of art mirrors our own in so many ways. For one The End of Fear asks us to consider the nature of what we want in a perfect world, a world without conflict and war, a world where we are free and safe. It asks us to imagine a world without pain, suffering, or death. The simple truth is that we do not live in that kind of perfect world, but it is possible to live such a life if and only if we choose to and then accept the good that comes with it and move forward.