Why Humans Love Music and How That Can Benefit Us

Why Humans Love Music

Why Humans Love Music and How That Can Benefit Us

People have been enjoying the sounds of nature since the beginning of time, and it is quite amazing that the very first song we know of was nothing more than a collection of noise made by our ancestors to warn of predators. Today we find that this instinctive behavior continues, and while we are bombarded with thousands of advertisements every day that seem to suggest that we all need something to help us relax and get away from the stressful events in our lives, very few of these suggestions come directly from Nature. We hear about the “stress relief” drugs that promise to calm us down or make us more relaxed so that we can forget about the fact that we are actually living in an extremely noisy world. These do not work and many people find that they eventually develop addictions to such things.

Yet, when we look at the choices that we have available to us in our society, the ones that truly seem to fit into our needs, it becomes obvious that there are some things that are not necessary at all. Sure, there are things like exercise and good dieting that we can take advantage of to stay healthy and fit, but are they really necessary for the average person? For instance, most people realize that getting the proper amount of sleep is vital to our overall health, yet we rarely do anything about getting the recommended amount of hours. And even though the recommended number is seven to eight hours per night, most people are unable to actually stick with it no matter how much they want to. This is because sleep is one of those things that we really can’t do without, and if we didn’t get it, we would feel like we are lacking something.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that humans who enjoy music are drawn to places where there is the sound of music. Music has been important to people since the beginning of time and there is no arguing that point. While the overall goal of music is universal and can apply to all cultures and lifestyles, there are still those types of music that appeal to particular cultures and other activities. If you really want to be able to understand the basis behind why humans love music, then all you have to do is stop and think for a moment. That will give you enough of an insight into the human condition that you will find something that will truly make you think.