Why Do Humans Experience Fear? Find Out Here!

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do Humans Experience Fear? Find Out Here!

Why humans experience fear has been one of the greatest mystery unanswered by scientists and psychologist for years. Researchers have found out that all animals have the ability to fear and the only difference is that humans are the only creatures that experience fear in abnormal and extreme levels. The fear is based on the limbic system of the brain which when stimulated causes the release of hormones. People who have an abnormal fear system will be constantly scared even if there is no threat present.

In humans the fear reaction is different between men and women, this is because men and women experience fear in different ways. While both of them will feel fear, it is men who will be more severe in their reaction to the fear whereas women tend to be more sensitive in nature. Some researchers have also found out that this can be caused due to the gender roles that are generally played by the opposite sex in most communities.

This study shows that people do experience fear in a very unusual level but it is a normal and an expected response to the situations that they are put into. The fear that humans undergo is associated with the limbic system of the brain which is primarily responsible for emotion and behavior. There is a part in the brain called the amygdala, which is directly linked to the fear response and which is mainly responsible for the experience of fear. It has been found that abnormal levels of this hormone are mainly caused due to extreme stress and traumatic experiences in one’s life. Researchers have suggested that the fear is linked to the limbic system and is mainly associated with negative emotional states, which should be avoided at all costs.