How to Be More Human – Exposing the Truth About Ourselves

This is a compilation of various short articles and essays on Being Human. It’s not just for human beings, although you will definitely find sections on animals, as well as some information about plants, and other things. Humans are always the topic of interest for this book, and it does not shy away from discussing the foibles of humankind.

How to be More Human

Although most of these topics deal with human foibles, there are several very interesting short articles that dabble in vegetarianism, alternative medicine, relationships, and a host of other human subjects. The topics are written in a very humorous vein, but one that makes you think, and helps you see a different side of people. For example, one article looks at what would happen if you suddenly disappeared from the world and then was put into a random city of humanity, and given a massive amount of money to start a new life.

Some of the other topics covered are a look at what it would be like if your best friend or family member died, and if they did not go back to where they came from. Another fascinating subject is how to solve the problems of war and violence, and some suggestions on how to uplift some of the poorest regions of the world. Of course, one cannot forget the golden question, which is, how to be more human? How can we improve upon our natural ways of being? These articles on Being Human provide some interesting answers that human beings have been struggling with for millennia.