What Will the Singularity Feel Like? A Book Review

What will the Singularity Feel like? I wrote a book about it, “Digital Sculpting: Thinking About the Ultimate” by Anthony C.ides and Yuval Noah Harari, that you can order from his website. It is a superb eBook to help you picture the future of mankind, it discusses the potential dangers and benefits of Artificial Intelligent computers and super intelligence and even goes into some extraordinary detail on the subject of the singularity.

What will the Singularity Feel Like

If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend that you do so, because it is truly amazing how similar we appear to artificial intelligence programs like computers and software programs. And also, when you read what will the Singularity Feel like, you will realize that we are almost there. Many of us now live in a virtual existence, a sort of internet dream. We log on and go to our computer, check our email, go to a social site or blog, and never really feel alive. Our lives are controlled by computers and software programs and we rarely give ourselves any room to breathe.

When we log off, we feel drained, we spend most of our time in the future on our own egotistical PC. This is only natural, since all of our communication is now done through computers. What will the Singularity Feel like? When we are free to travel anywhere in the universe and to be anywhere in time, will we truly be happy?