Why Do People Love Music? (Answers You Have Always Wanted to Ask!)

Why Humans Love Music

Why Do People Love Music? (Answers You Have Always Wanted to Ask!)

There is a long standing question from psychologists and sociologists about the why of music, or more specifically why do some people enjoy it while others hate it. Many psychologists argue that one cause for people loving some types of music more than others is a lack of communication in their households, or even society in general. Children growing up today in particular often have very few ways to express their creativity or emotions, especially when they are brought up in a home where parents don’t spend much time talking to them, or where the only forms of communication available are verbal. For these children, music can be a way of expressing themselves and creating a connection with other people that cannot be done any other way.

Another possible answer to the question of why some people like certain types of music and some don’t has to do with the listener’s ability to produce sound on their own. If an individual has natural talent in the area of music, that talent can often translate into an ability to produce sound on the piano or keyboard. Not all humans are born with this talent, but many people develop it as they get older. It also seems that the more experience someone has in music, the better they will enjoy it. This could be seen to be a similar example as well where the more experience someone gets in a particular profession the more they enjoy that profession.

One final reason as to why some people enjoy certain types of music may simply be that they find it relaxing. While nothing has been conclusively proven as to whether or not music has some sort of healing effect on the mind, it is clear that it does help some people calm their nerves and get rid of tension. This could explain why so many people sit by the television or in the front seat of a car listening to music before they go to work, or why so many people listen to music during their lunch break. Regardless of what the specific reason is for loving music, it is obvious that this passion for music has affected human behavior for thousands of years and will continue to affect our society for years to come.