How to Be More Human – Emotional Intelligence

Humans are emotional creatures, it’s been said since the beginning of time. The goal of the Emotional Intelligence framework is to help you understand and control your emotions so they don’t get in the way of making good decisions for you or helping others. People learn best when they can relate to others emotionally. Being able to communicate effectively and understand others feelings and needs can go a long way in making a better business, a better job, a better love life, and a more satisfying career.

How to be More Human

Emotionally intelligent people take full advantage of their ability to experience emotions and fully engage in emotionally healthy and positive interactions with both colleagues and customers. They know how to bring other people into a state of mild happiness and satisfaction by applying positive social rules and norms while maintaining strong boundaries. They are excellent at making other people feel good about themselves and this helps them to build a strong sense of self worth. They also recognize when a relationship is headed down the path of more intimacy and therefore are capable of being honest and transparent when they feel it is necessary. They have a powerful ability to resolve conflict and effectively communicate why they are making certain decisions or assigning certain tasks. They also have a high degree of self-esteem and pride and regard themselves as a person of value.

Learning how to be more human starts with knowing and understanding your own personal limitations and what you need to do to become more alive and presentable in more ways than one. We all need to recognize that we may make mistakes and that our responses might not be appropriate for particular situations. Then we have to learn how to deal with those mistakes without letting them define us as a person. Sometimes we have to swallow our pride and have compassion for others who we think we cannot handle. After all, we are all individuals with different needs and perspectives. By learning to manage and balance our emotions, we can make ourselves into the person we want to be.