How to Be Less Human – Self Improvement Tips

How to be Less Human is a book written by David Steinmetz that teaches us to be more comfortable with our flaws and more willing to work with them. It might make you think that this book is for people with super-normal levels of intelligence, but it’s not. This book is for people who want to be more accepting and understanding of their imperfections and the ways in which they are unique.

How to be Less Human

Steinmetz starts off his book with an example of a woman who loves dogs. However, she has been trying to change her personality to match her new passion, a cat. As she got used to having the cat, she began to resent having to deal with her other emotions, anger, guilt, etc. Instead of becoming totally satisfied with her new passion, she started to doubt herself more until she decided to have a heart surgery. Since this happened, she never wanted to have children again and has since become a very bitter, revengeful woman.

As Steinmetz points out, we all have at one time or another felt frustrated, angry, depressed, or self-conscious about something that is truly an inescapable part of our lives. The question is how do we react to those things that we don’t like? We either try to ignore it and put our energy into doing what we can to make it go away, or we decide to accept our flaws so that we can become better people. How to be Less Human shows you how to choose to be a better person because you are a person, not just a human being.