Why People Love Music – Find Out Why You and Everyone Else Feel Fantastic

Why humans love music has been a mystery to many people throughout the history of the human race. Some people have thought that it is due to a need to create some sort of harmony in order to survive in the wild. Others have thought that it is because it makes us feel good and that music gives us pleasure. And some just think that maybe it makes us sane.

There are many different theories about what it is that actually causes people to fall in love with music. Some say that it is because they get excited and have a great time when hearing good music. Others have thought that it is because it helps them relax and let their emotions come out. And finally there are those who say that it has to do with emotion and how it affects us. Perhaps listening to good music is what helps to trigger those emotional triggers and gets us ready to release that tension and stress that we have been carrying around all day. In this article we will take a look at the last theory, which is that maybe it is the music that makes us feel good that triggers those emotional triggers that make us want to release everything that is holding us back.

There are several different ways to think about the reason as to why people love music. It could be that it provides some kind of escape from whatever it is that is stressing us out, or it could be that it is a way of helping us relax and release our emotional anxieties. Another popular theory is that it is due to the fact that certain songs can make us feel good, or at least make us feel less stressed out. This is especially true with certain songs, such as ones that have been known to have positive lyrics and have been played often by people in the past. Some scientists have even pointed to certain types of music that have been known to help the body to release chemicals that help reduce anxiety.