Meaning of Life – What Is it Not?

The meaning of life is an extremely important question to ask and answer because it is a question that many people have been asking in one way or another throughout their lives. For some, the meaning of life may be related to the fact that there is no afterlife and for others it may relate to the fact that the life we live is meaningless and that our purpose in life is simply to live. The most common answers to the question of the meaning of life are: Yes, life has meaning, no matter what, and that everything is a meaningless event. This article will discuss both of these views and hopefully will shed some light on the meaning of life for you.

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life According to Theists One of the most popular theistic philosophers (along with God and the soul) is God and He gives us several different answers as to the meaning of life. According to theists, there is a pre-determined purpose for our existence and that this purpose is what makes us who we are and that this purpose is eternal because it was designed and is fixed before the universe was created. For the unanswered, there is no such thing as the meaning of life because everything is subjective including our purpose for being here on earth. The only thing theists can agree upon is that God has a purpose for everything and that this purpose is eternal and will always have a purpose whether we believe it or not.

Where Does the Purposeless Matter Come From? Theists believe that life is completely pointless because it was not created by anyone and was just accidentally thrown into the universe. The ancients believed that life had a purpose, which was determined by God when He created the first human being. The problem with this belief is that it is based on the premise that what something is made of is in some way superior to its surroundings. For example, the theists believe that humans were created for heaven because heaven is perfect while humans are made for earth because earth is less than perfect. If you were to go to a theist church today, you would find that people believe the same thing because their purpose for being on earth was to be part of heaven.