Why Do We Experience Fear in the First Place?

Why Humans Experience Fear

Why Do We Experience Fear in the First Place?

The reason we fear what we don’t know is that we don’t understand it, but the fear of what we do know, is itself fear. A simple example is: when you take a flight to New York, you arrive at John F. Kennedy Airport, and you board the big white aircraft that takes off from John F. Kennedy Airport. Now, in this example, you have already arrived at your destination, John F. Kennedy Airport, and you don’t know how long you are going to be on this plane, or how many turns you are going to make, or even if you are going to land in New York City. But once you get off the plane, you are scared because you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

In the same exact situation, when you go on Internet dating websites, and you meet someone who has a photo on the wall of John F. Kennedy Airport, or a street sign that identifies John F. Kennedy Airport, you immediately experience fear because you don’t know how you will react when you meet this person. You don’t know if the person you just met is really who he claims to be, or if he is really someone you can trust. When you look at his photo on the wall, and you read his profile, you become scared because you don’t know how you will react when you meet him. This is the fear of understanding, and this is the fear humans experience when they first meet another human.

Understanding is the key to solving fears, and the Internet can provide some of the most amazing tools for dating, or for any other type of human endeavor, whether it is business sports, politics, or religion. When we understand something, we tend to be much more successful with it. By using the tools of the Internet to connect with human beings around the world, we can enhance our human behavior, making it much more effective in dealing with whatever concern or issue we may encounter in our personal lives.