A World Without Fear

Imagine a World Without Fear

A World Without Fear

Imagine a world without fear, poverty or war. Imagine that every day children go to school instead of running off to be picked up by an addict on the street. Imagine that no one ever experiences bullying or has to witness domestic violence. Imagine that all health conditions are better and children are happy with their bodies. Imagine a world where children never experience hunger, thirst or any physical discomfort. How much could we achieve when everyone had these things?

If only it were that easy. If we can just imagine all these things we would indeed have a pretty good world. The unfortunate reality is that we do not live in such a perfect world. In fact there are many who suffer from poverty or disease. It is not a good idea to think that things could be better but they simply are not. But by changing our perception and thoughts it is possible to live a life free from disease and poverty.

One of the most important aspects about poverty is that it creates in us a negative energy that will keep us from reaching our goals. By thinking we cannot have what we want, we create more barriers to keep ourselves from moving towards success. We should all be encouraging people to think positive and stay positive. We should tell them that with hard work and determination they too can get what they want. And if we don’t feel like giving them our advice on the matter it might be a good idea to ask them how they are doing. After all, it’s their lives we are talking about and we don’t want them living in poverty.