The End of Happiness By Dr. Lauren LaPorta – A Review

What is the End of Happiness? How do we define and appreciate it? Is it the absence of unhappiness or the presence of joy? The title of this book aptly summarizes its aim. It is a careful look at how unhappiness relates to our sense of personal and interpersonal satisfaction, which unfortunately gets left out in our rush to achieve financial gain.

It is easy to be swept away by the lure of a fast life, a comfortable seat at the table of the global corporate ladder, a good job with a secure future, a good car, a big screen TV and hi-tech gadgets. The problem is that most of us have missed the boat on this path to happiness. We have traded the joy of living for the temporary escape from work. The End of Happiness identifies how this has affected our lives and how, if we decide to get back on the boat, we will have to reinvent the wheel.

The author tackles the question of happiness through history and examines happiness from a variety of perspectives. This book seeks to provide a different way of looking at and approaching the issue of happiness. It challenges us to think differently about happiness, to redefine it and to live it. Rather than chasing after the elusive grail of eternal happiness, The End of Happiness suggests that true happiness comes from the daily grind of life.