Why Do Humans Experience Fear of the Dark?

Why do some people have no fear of the dark? Do other peoples’ fear disappear when they are around them? Are these peoples’ fears just a part of who they are? Why do some peoples’ fears of the dark only effect them at certain times of their lives, while other peoples’ fears of the dark never seem to fade? Why do some of us have a fear of flying while other of us have no problem with flying. Why do some of us have panic attacks while others of us have never had a problem with panic attacks?

Why Humans Experience Fear

These are just a few questions that need to be answered if we ever hope to answer the question, “Why do some of us have a fear of the Dark?” I can think of many different answers but none that really make sense. If there is one thing that scientists and psychologists have agreed upon though it would have to be that our minds are largely controlled by the emotions we are in a state of, therefore it is possible for us to change those emotions and therefore change our state of mind. This would explain the weird phenomenon of some people suddenly not being afraid of the dark while for the rest of us it is just a matter of learning to stay calm when things get out of hand.

Why do some of us fear the dark however? Have you ever wondered what could be behind your fear of the dark or the many reasons you could be afraid of the dark, such as a fear of spiders, snakes, and such? Have you ever found yourself being afraid of the water in the ocean because of a fear of drowning, have you ever had a fear of the dark, such as a fear of monsters and ghosts? If you have you might want to consider talking to a psychiatrist about these fears as these are common fears for most people.