How to Be Less Human

“How to be Less Human” is a very timely book and it is certainly worth the read. It is a collection of short stories that explore some of the darker sides of human nature in a very intelligent manner. What happens when we least expect it and when we least think about it? What can we do to make the most of our bad habits without feeling guilty about it?

How to be Less Human

The short stories collected here deal with the theme of morality, identity, and relationships. It might be said that what these books explore are the aspects of human nature that are least noticed or understood. It is in fact argued that all of our behaviors are governed by those basic emotions – fear, safety, love, guilt, and so on. These emotions form the base of human behavior and one wrong turn or action can bring us down to earth. None of us can escape from the reality of mortality. Still, we can try to make ourselves less susceptible to the perils of living.

Some of the stories are very funny, while others have a disturbing undertone. The message that is portrayed is that even though we are human beings, we can do something about our behaviors and how to be less violent and criminal, for instance. We just need to be open to new information and to different ideas. If we can learn how to laugh at ourselves, then we won’t be afraid to experiment with other human behaviors. This book is a great contribution to humanity’s progress and it will definitely make you look around and ask yourself some questions.