What is the Meaning of Life – A Definition?

The Meaning of Life is a belief system that has been around for thousands of years and is still gaining popularity in modern societies. The Meaning of Life has different schools of thought, such as the religious kind, where life is seen as a divine gift from a higher power. Others believe life is meaningless, and an accident of evolution gone awry. The answers to the meaning of life vary greatly from person to person, but the important thing is that people believe differently.

The Meaning of Life

The answer to the final question: what is the meaning of life?, pertains to the meaning of life as a function of its purpose. Many other related queries include: “why is the existence necessary”, “what is the function of human existence”, or “is life worth living?”. The meaning of these queries is that they each touch on the deepest questions of human existence: Why is existence necessary? What is the function of human life?

The belief that what is the meaning of life is that there is a purpose, or an eternal afterlife, to which humans belong. This is similar to the religious concept of God, who is said to be the one who created the universe and is the one who will save humanity from everlasting torment at the hands of the monsters therein. In a more secular sense, the meaning of life is that there is a purpose for being human, an end to all that is bad, and that humans have the ability to use their free will to achieve this purpose. Whether or not this is the true meaning of life is up to each person’s personal beliefs.