When Will Nude Beaches Be Normal in the US?

When Will Nude Beaches Be Normal in the US

When Will Nude Beaches Be Normal in the US?

When will nude beaches be normal in the US? The simple answer is that it will never happen in the United States of America and this is because the majority of Americans (and most Europeans) consider our nudity to be offensive and inappropriate. There are some in the United States however, that believe that nudity on beaches is a right, a privilege, and a right to be free from the strict clothing requirements that some cultures and societies place upon their people.

Why would nudity on a nude beach be considered to be acceptable? It is primarily because of the cultures that do not accept other cultures and lifestyles. In Europe for example nude beaches are generally not acceptable, and those that are accepted are generally considered to be offensive and to be a display of a lack of respect for another culture or lifestyle. This is why Europe does not have many nude beaches and has very few nudist/naturist areas. When in America it is perfectly acceptable to have nude beaches and a nudist/naturist area.

When will nude beaches be normal? We will never have to see them and they will never be a part of our culture or way of life. As Americans we enjoy our freedom of expression, the ability to look and feel as we want, and the ability to not be obligated by others. Nudity on certain bodies is a form of expression and a personal preference and there is nothing offensive about it. We are all individuals and should have the freedom to look and feel however we choose to. Just because someone else doesn’t like it doesn’t mean it is offensive to you.