Is Freedom Good For Humanity?

What is freedom good for humanity? This is a question that may be asked by those who wish to improve the world, or those who have just endured horrific acts of violence or mass murder. Freedom is defined as the ability to choose to do what is right, without the interference of others. Freedom is a unique human right that has been given to all of us by our Creator. It is up to each of us to defend it, to use it, and to rise above our individual fears to make a new, better world for everyone. It is time for people to come together and realize that each individual matters, and that we must work together to form a more perfect world for the benefit of all.

Is Freedom Good for Humanity

In the beginning, God created people to be free and to live in liberty, with all of His gifts and blessings. Those who are bound by chains are slaves to their own fears, and cannot enjoy the freedoms that are His given. Those who rely on government action are indirectly supporting such actions, because they buy into the false promises of politicians that everything is going to be OK, so why worry. In fact, those who vote for these politicians often wind up living in poverty, while those who vote against them enjoy prosperity, and abundance. It is not good enough – we need to stop relying on others to make our own choices, and start making better ones for ourselves.

In addition to freedom, humanity also needs justice, honesty, kindness and selflessness. Each of us was born to the spirit of freedom. If we allow ourselves to be ruled over by fear, anger, selfishness and jealousy, then all that we were created to have are merely illusions. What is civilization, when individuals are forced to hide behind walls, hiding from their neighbors, from their friends, and from God? When civilizations fail to move forward, when hate crimes are on the rise, when people are being murdered and killed simply for holding different beliefs, when the future of humanity hangs in the balance – then we are losing something very important. It is time to make amends and start progressing again – to take back what was stolen from us, and build a civilization that is the dream of every true human being.