Who is Tim Pool?

Who is Tim Pool

Who is Tim Pool?

Who is Tim Pool? Well, he is a young American citizen, journalist, and political commentator known mostly for his live stream of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in 2021. He first became famous for live streaming the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in 2021. After the event he became well known as an anchor in the liberal media, making him a name in social-media. He joined Fusion TV and Vice News in late 2021 and early 2021, moving into independent work as a video game critic and YouTube personality.

But what really makes him different from most video game critics in that kind of mainstream or intellectual type of voice and perspective? He is a passionate political activist about things like the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement and Universal Healthcare. As a gamer myself, I can say that both of these issues are incredibly important to me as a gamer, not to mention a human being who wants a better life. In fact, these two topics are among his major concerns in his work as a political reporter for Reason Magazine.

He recently took to Twitter to call out The Last Remnant, a new multiplayer zombie game from Rockfish Games. In his statement he states, “I’m sick and tired of games that promote guns, kill people, and push the #occupywallstreet movement in a negative direction. This game promotes peace and love.” Although there are certainly plenty of games that do these things, I am sure that Tim’s comments will garner some support for this game amongst the gamers.