Who is Michael Krechmer?

Who is Michael Malice? You may have seen his face on some of those famous New York Magazine covers with the sideways smiling face in black and white. Or you may have only heard his voice on the radio, or maybe even seen him onscreen. The man is Michael Krechmer, a New York City based journalist, writer, and public speaker. He currently writes for several periodicals and blogs, has several radio shows, hosts a talk show on Sirius Satellite, and also has his own column in the New York Times.

Who is Michael Malice

Some may wonder why they would want to read his words, but the fact remains that Krechmer is an interesting writer with insightful observations about life. For instance, on his blog he gives tips on how to keep your kids straight, how to get a girlfriend, and even how to get your ex back. There are other articles like these as well as books and other works that have been produced by Michael Krechmer. His television appearances include an interview on Fox News with Bill O’ Reilly, The Late Show with David Letterman, Sean Hannity, The Carol Burnett Show, The New Day, CNN, Bill Press, and HBO. He’s also appeared on several daytime news shows.

The question remains…who is Michael Krechmer anyway? A search of his writings brings up several articles and his book, but no web site, magazine, or radio station. Michael’s personal website is not online, nor does it list his book. The only way to find out who is Michael Krechmer is to visit his own website. Unfortunately, the only real way to find out who is Michael Krechmer is to read his book, which unfortunately is not online. His real name is Michael Kerkorian and he is an author and professional speaker, best known for his books of children’s literature, most notably “The Book Man.”