Who is Jack Posobiec? – The unanswered question about conspiracy theories

One of the more prominent figures in the far right universe, Jack Posobiec has been described as a “useful idiot” by critics who do not agree with his radical, conspiratorial political views, and he enjoys many friendships and collaborations with far-right bloggers and conspiracy theorists who view him as an influential figure in their world. However, what is not always known about the man is that he is also a prolific writer and speaker, although he prefers to keep his public speaking work to himself. He is also an ardent Trump supporter who has made trips to the US to campaign for the businessman during the last few election cycles. In fact, in a series of candid videos, Posobiec gave his endorsement to the now President elect, Donald J. Trump. While many other Trump supporters have endorsed him publicly, it appears to be Posobiec’s unique online style and personal character that have brought him such high recognition among far right online posters and in other circles of online thought.

Who is Jack Posobiec

The real name of John Michael Posobiec is John Paul O’Neil, and he was born in Southern California. A fan of conspiracy theories, Posobiec formed the far-right conservative group called the “Ludwig von Mises Institute” with the help of his friend Anton Von Hayek. O’Neil went on to form his own company, “Conscience,” which was dedicated to promoting a traditional conservative viewpoint and to opposing what they considered “liberal progressive” conspiracy theories and corruption in public and private life. O’ Neil also co-founded the ” Conservative Leadership Institute,” which was designed to counter what he considered “piece-meal” conservative initiatives being pushed by Majority Party politicians and their political allies in the U.S. Congress.

Posobiec, who have also written a number of books on how to win money betting, and other odds based strategies, have become a sort of celebrity among far-right writers and bloggers. He has been interviewed on a number of news programs about his views on conspiracy theories and has appeared on a number of talk shows to discuss his thoughts on global warming, alternative energy sources, and even the validity of weather predictions. A few weeks ago, O’ Neil gave an interview on his popular blog to talk about his thoughts on the upcoming 2021 Presidential elections. In the course of the interview, he was asked by host Lou Dobbs what he thought about the chances that President Obama will win re-election.