Will Cannibalism Make a Comeback?

When will Cannibalism be popular again? When in the future will humanity heal it’s cultural wounds and learn to accept other cultures and food? The world has become so large that we live in a world of cosmopolitan tolerance but this is a global sickness, as most people do not have an understanding of the individual differences among cultures. A few hundred years ago all the tribes living in the area where Cannibalism was common were wiped out, perhaps that was a punishment for their Cannibalism. The world wide web offers endless entertainment, it is an exciting place to explore and also to contemplate the unknown.

When will cannibalism make be common again

A hundred years ago, no one would have dreamt of the popularity of Cannibalism, just imagine eating human brains, or having human body parts as meals. It may seem disgusting to think about but many people eat such things and would not consider it disgusting, especially if it was available to them. This is probably the same case today, maybe not as much as in the past but it certainly is still human eating human flesh. People have become aware of what they are doing; it is becoming socially acceptable to eat flesh, just like 50 years ago it was not considered cool to be a cannibal. Is it going to be accepted in the future or will it be seen as disgusting?

In the past foods such as Human liver, brains, lungs, heart and small intestines were eaten to keep the body alive but now it is just used for food, a lot of the world’s food comes from cow and chicken meat which are easily prepared and can be fried, not to mention how tasty it is! Will the world ever be ready for another kind of eating again, probably not, but it will be interesting to see, maybe in the future we will have new foods that people will be willing to try. When will Cannibalism Make Be Popular? Well, who knows it could be very soon, we just might find out who is into it and those that are not, who knows?