What Can the Individual Do to Avoid or Resist Tyrannical Government Rule?

What can the individual do to prevent or resist tyranny

What Can the Individual Do to Avoid Orresist Tyrannical Government Rule?

What can the individual do to avoid or resist tyranny? The individuals, through their rights in our Constitution and through their character, have an opportunity to prevent this terrible abuse of power by those who wish to rule over us. The history of mankind has seen many transitions of power from absolute government to limited government, from absolute rulers to free rulers, and from absolute governments to democratic governments, but each transition has brought with it freedoms that have increased the quality of life for all of those people. Those who are the most capable intellectually and physically are those who participate in making the decisions and exercising their rights in a free society and those who most need the protection of the rule of law are those who are allowed by the majority to use its natural laws to protect them from the tyranny of those who wish for absolute power.

So, the question still remains, what can the individual do to avoid this tyranny, which is the very premise and reason of the existence of a government? The answer is quite simple. The individual must be willing to work, to be consistent, to be persistent, to exercise his or her right to vote, to have a fair trial by the court system, to be represented by legal counsel, and to stand for what is right under the law and not give into the whims and caprice of a government which does not want his or her suggestions or freedoms. It is the duty of every individual to protect his or her freedoms as much as he or she can, and if necessary to defend those freedoms with his or her life. This is the best way to assure that a government can never abuse its power, that the freedoms of the citizens are always protected, and that a free society exists.

Now then, what can the individual do to avoid or resist tyranny? The answer is quite obvious, to vote. Elect politicians whose policies you favor, and elect others whose policies you do not. Remember, voting is a form of resistance to an autocratic government. In other words, the voters are declaring that they will not allow a government which trample on the individual’s rights over the people themselves, and they will not allow a government that imposes laws against private choice, and violates the freedoms of the citizens to protect those freedoms.