Is Joe Rogan CIA?

During an appearance on ESPN radio, controversial talk show host and self-proclaimed “entertainment personality,” Joe Rogan was asked about the circumstances of his having conversations with FBI agents while he was supposed to be performing at a CIA facility in Virginia. Rogan responded that he had no idea what their conversation was about. Yet, when pressed by the reporter, Rogan changed his answer to say that he knew agents were talking to him while he was supposed to be working at a CIA facility. When pressed again, Rogan responded that he didn’t know. The fact that the talk turned out to be about the inner workings of the CIA, and that the man who conducted the interview was his guest, ended up generating even more controversy than the original question of whether or not Joe Rogan was a CIA agent.

According to CNN, Rogan’s agent, Todd Boehm, said that Rogan often discussed matters related to the CIA with him. When questioned by CNN about whether or not he knew that Rogan was an agent, Boehm said, “I don’t know anything about it. I talked to Joe Rogan about it. I don’t know anything else.”

While the fact that there are people who question the claims made by The Joe Rogan Show concerning his status as an “agent” may seem inconsequential, what they actually say goes against what the actor and his fans have been saying all along. While the actor’s representatives have long maintained that Joe Rogan is an unpaid employee of the CIA and has never been employed as an agent, multiple sources close to the actor insist that there is still some truth to the story. In other words, while Joe Rogan may not have officially been officially classified as an agent, people close to the actor maintain that he is one and has every right to be exactly what he is.