Is Bill Gates Evil?

Is Bill Gates Evil

Is Bill Gates Evil?

Why do you ask, is Bill Gates evil? Well, he is a master strategist and extremely shrewd at the same time. He has a vision of what he wants and how he wants it. As long as his vision comes to fruition, he does not think about things that have to be done but instead focuses on the bigger picture which is making Bill Gates rich. He has made other people wealthy through the process of investing, word of mouth and business ventures but when it comes to his own welfare, he does not even bother.

This is because Bill Gates is convinced that when depopulation takes place, society will be better off. When depopulation takes place, people will have food to eat and those who do not have food will die. Therefore, Gates believes that when we depopulate the world, it will benefit humanity in the future. However, what he does not tell you is that the food supply will be low and will become so bad that many people will die of malnutrition.

Is Bill Gates evil? Depopulation of the planet will cause millions of deaths, mostly of children. Bill Gates is also a representative for the food industry and for those that control the food supply. With his introduction of software that allows anyone to create a gold coin that can be used at any point in the world, he is now not only into business but into politics as well. Whether he realizes it or not, he is doing exactly what the Chinese told their fellow Chinese leaders not to do. The Chinese government is known for not doing anything that could depopulate the market and they were right.