How Much Cheese is Too Much Cheese?

We’ve all heard the question asked over again: How much cheese is too much cheese? The answer to that question is really more of a question of common sense than logic or reason, but even with the logic, it doesn’t make much sense. If you are eating a huge amount of cheese, then it’s obvious that you are going to have some sort of nutritional deficiency, right? But how much of a nutritional deficiency is too much cheese? Many people believe that too much cheese will cause you to gain weight and put your health at risk.

How Much Cheese is Too Much Cheese

The truth is that how much cheese is too much depends upon the type of cheese that you are eating and how it is prepared. There are many varieties of cheese that are made with added fat in order to provide an extra bit of flavor to the cheese. While those that are traditionally made from whole milk are considered low-fat, other cheese are not. The cheese industry, in general, sells their products as low-fat or fat-free, which of course makes them appealing to people who are watching their cholesterol intake.

Another important factor to consider when debating the question of how much cheese is too much is the fact that many cheeses contain high levels of rennet. Rennet is a natural substance found in the milk of mammals. Ingesting it, especially in large doses, can cause digestive problems. This may result in diarrhea, indigestion, stomach cramps and other digestive issues.