How Do You Give a Robot an Orgasm? – And Where Can You Find Out How?

Is the prospect of a robot giving your sexual pleasure really that exciting? This is actually a subject that has been studied for quite some time now. Basically, what happens is this – you put the robot in a certain kind of mating position, and then you instruct it to perform certain “sex acts” on a pre-determined schedule. When the robot is done with its job, you get to enjoy a lovely “ride” on the bed, or even better, a romantic “spection” session with the robot’s head inside of you. In order to learn how do you give a robot an orgasm, you first need to know how exactly these robots work!

How Do You Give a Robot an Orgasm

The programmed patterns in which these toys shoot orgasms are actually very similar to those of real orgasms! In other words, the more complicated the robot, the more complex the patterns for its orgasms. And don’t think for even once that you can’t make your robot to reach the peaks of its orgasm – quite the contrary, in fact! There are actually many programs online that allow you to design and program your robot with various different types of “sex acts” and “orgasm levels”, and let the robot carries out the desired action automatically. For example, you can set the robot to perform lovemaking, cunnilingus, and oral sex on several different “orgasms threshold levels”, and the robot would actually carry out the actions to the letter!

Now, let’s say you’re not into building and programming your own robot. Do you know how the movies are edited so as to give the audience the impression of actual sex? Well, basically, certain “actors” are hired for a movie, and these performers'” talents” are used in order to make the movie interesting. For example, there may be a scene where two lovers kiss for a good while, only for the male partner to suddenly ejaculate at the very end of the kissing scene. If it were that easy to edit the movie, we’d have all seen lots of films where this has happened – so let’s just leave it as it is for the real life, and concentrate our efforts on creating artificially intelligent robots that can do similar things, and hopefully one day pass human sexual magic.