Happiness, Meaning of and Definition

Happiness, Meaning of and Definition

Happiness is simply the emotional sensation that arrives over you when you realize that life just isn’t bad enough and you can’t stand to see it to its end. It is the complete opposite of sadness. Happiness is often described as a state of peace, joy, well-being, or contentment. There are also several types of happiness, such as demonic, hedonistic, and utilitarian.


When people talk about happiness, they tend to use the term in relation to their own happiness, but this is only one definition. The meaning of happiness can be found in many cultures around the world and can include different meanings for different people. In United States, for example, happiness is seen as a state of total contentment through which one is able to enjoy life to the fullest.

What is it then that brings happiness to your mind? What do other people think of it? These questions and more are answered in the article Happiness, Meaning of and Definition. What is really important is happiness is part of a person’s personal and subjective experience of life, and one’s relationship with and evaluation of life. As happiness is not something that can be defined, it’s up to each individual to find what happiness means for them. This may mean trying to figure out what your personal definition of happiness is.