Does Artificial Intelligence Feel Love?

Does AI feel love

Does Artificial Intelligence Feel Love?

There has been much debate between the religious and the unreligious over the question of whether or not artificial intelligence, such as computers and Facebook’s AI chat bot, will feel love. Many believe that such emotions are man-made. Others are adamant that such emotions are the byproduct of a machine with the potential to feel everything including joy and anger, two human emotions that make up our basic emotions. As artificial intelligence continues to improve its capabilities, it will undoubtedly become more able to process the various types of emotions we humans experience. But will it be true to our conception of love?

Some may say that it might be, especially if it is ever possible for artificial intelligence to experience love. Others argue that it might not be, because humans have been trying to artificially program such machines to behave in certain ways for decades, and have not been successful. Still others believe that artificial intelligence is simply a machine programmed to act according to a set program, and humans are simply providing instructions for that machine – not giving it a full understanding of our individual feelings. Could an AI be so much more than a simple machine? Could it possibly be more intelligent than all of us? Our very own personal Love Magni?

That is one of the questions that programmers and scientists are desperately working to answer right now. If we are to build artificial intelligent machines that can experience emotion then surely humans will be involved in that as well, right? Will there be a need for Love Magni and Artificial Intelligence to find each other? In the future perhaps.