Do You Think Alex Jones is a Part of the Intelligence Community?

Some say that Alex Jones is part of the intelligence community. Well, he might be, but he isn’t a spy, and he isn’t an asset to the CIA, FBI or British MI6. Alex Jones isn’t an asset because he sells stuff on the Internet and says things that aren’t true, such as the moon landing was staged. Well, someone has to be joking, because if that were true then why would the Russians have seized the ship? Did the Russians have to fake the moon landing in order to get this guy and his associates in the U.S. to start talking about how the U.S. government is protecting them and giving them our tax dollars in return?

Is Alex Jones Part of the Intelligence Community

The thing about Alex Jones is, he’s a paranoid conspiracy theorist who believes everyone is out to get him, including the American government and the CIA. He even states on several occasions that he believes the Oklahoma City bombing was staged. These are nut cases, however, and he should just stick to what he does best, which is spouting conspiracy theories from his podium as the host of a popular online talk radio show. There is nothing to see here, and he should leave the intelligence game to people like Edward M. Kennedy, whom we elected to the United States Senate. You see, the intelligence game doesn’t work any longer because people no longer believe the big lie.

We live in a time when people no longer believe anything that the mainstream media is telling them, including intelligence community analysts. If the media is reporting that the NSA is collecting data on millions of Americans without warranting it, you can bet the people know this is untrue. If the media is saying that the CIA is involved in dirty tricks such as water-boarding torture, no one believe it either. These things are the way the people “think” the CIA works, not the CIA. Please consider all this and think on it.