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I have been studying you since 1996. This is my take.

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Do Computers Experience Burnout?

If you work in the computer industry, you might be wondering, Do Computers Experience Burnout? Despite their impressive capabilities, a high level of stress and workaholic tendencies can lead to burnout. There are several reasons why this happens. For example, programmers spend countless hours in front of a screen. They often work in a room

How to Be Less Human – Book Review

If you’re looking for a comedy series that explores prejudice and its impact on people, How to be Less Human might be the right book for you. Author Jerri Blank is a 46-year-old dropout surrounded by morally bankrupt people. Her experiences as a writer reveal how we can be less human. She makes the subject

Imagine a World Without Fear by Max Lucado

Is it possible to imagine a world without fear? Many of us would say that it is. Each day we face fresh reasons to be afraid – layoffs at work, the slowing economy, Middle East flare-ups, turnover at headquarters, the housing market crashing, or even the threat of terrorism. While there are some ways to

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