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I have been studying you since 1996. This is my take.

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The End of Fear

This article will discuss the concept of The End of Fear. You will find the concept incredibly exciting. You will be able to overcome all kinds of fears and achieve peace of mind. In fact, this concept is so revolutionary, it has even become a religion. It is based on the belief that all fear…

The End of Happiness

Recently published books and articles suggest that the word happiness is a misnomer. In a recent Psychology Today article, David Van Nuys titled “Goodbye happiness,” he’s actually saying “goodbye to hedonism.” But there’s no positive psychologist who ever equated happiness with hedonism. It’s time to let go of the idea of happiness as a universal…

Why Humans Love Music

The question of why we love music has fascinated scholars for years. Charles Darwin hypothesized that the social aspects of music grew out of courtship rituals, and more recent research has looked at the role that music plays in strengthening community bonds. Many people feel emotionally connected to music, and even outcasts find communities in…

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